Welcome to FUFU!

FUFU is building a digital marketing platform for Web 3.0, bringing users, communities, brands, projects and content creators together into one cohesive ecosystem.
The ecosystem's flagship NFT creation and distribution platform is UwUFUFU. A gamified content marketing platform in the form of viral interactive quizzes that allows any user, brand, or community to deploy a comprehensive digital marketing campaign at scale in the form of interactive viral quizzes and NFTs with no code required. The platform is already enjoyed by thousands of users and content creators.
Traditional Marketing & Crypto Marketing
Companies and brands seeking traditional marketing strategies such as user acquisition, website visits, brand awareness, can do so by creating interactive quizzes that cater to their needs. These viral quizzes are played by users and content creators who further share with their network not knowing they are marketing campaigns most of the time due to the organic nature of interactive quizzes.
Interoperability Crypto projects, mainly gaming projects and NFT projects, not only need the traditional marketing strategies, but they seek greater adoption of their native token or NFTs. But with the hyper growth of the NFT market, there are millions of NFTs out there, so to get their NFTs discovered has become increasingly difficult. We believe our users and content creator network are amazing salesmen. By distributing tokens and NFTs through our reward system, users who receive the NFTs or tokens can either HODL and reap the benefits they provide on our platform as well as the native platforms, or they can choose to sell them. By becoming sellers, they become ambassadors of the projects further distributing their story and utility in order to receive a fair return. This new type of Play-to-earn and create-to-earn system helps distribute tokens and NFTs instead of just waiting on marketplaces for a buyer to show up, or doing traditional airdrops.

NFT Utility

NFTs minted and distributed through FUFU are not only collectibles, but will be packed with utility. They will have utility provided by the minting party, as well as utilities within the FUFU ecosystem. This two pronged approach aims to bolster the intrinsic value of the NFTs.
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