Fixed Staking

FUFU Fixed Staking Program allows participants to earn a fixed interest rate return by staking FUFU. Unlike our other staking programs where it is rewards per block, so your rewards are dependent on when you participate and what your share of the reward pool is based on your staking amount.

You ‘lock up’ a portion of your FUFU tokens for a period of time as a way of contributing to the FUFU community. In exchange, you earn rewards in the form of FUFU tokens.

We are offering 3 pools each with different lengths of lock up and interest rate. Unlike our other staking pools where APY is dynamic depending on how much FUFU is staked to earn a portion of the rewards per block, fixed staking is as its namesake suggests. No matter how many people stake, you will get a fixed interest rate %.

FUFU Token Address: 0x509a51394CC4D6bb474FeFB2994b8975A55A6e79 Fixed Staking SC: 0xA72782D9b41b0d66583866B76649aC5bd4646272 Fixed Staking Link:

Pool 1

Staking Period: 90 days Interest Rate: 5% Total Reward Pool: 2,500,000 FUFU Rewards claimable at the end of staking period in one go, no vesting.

Pool 2

Staking Period: 180 days Interest Rate: 12% Total Reward Pool: 5,000,000 FUFU Rewards claimable at the end of staking period in one go, no vesting.

Pool 3

Staking Period: 365 days Interest Rate: 25% Total Reward Pool: 7,500,000 FUFU Rewards claimable at the end of staking period in one go, no vesting.

Quick Recap: How to use Fixed Staking

Connect your wallet via MetaMask.

If you have not already signed up via email, you will be prompted to do so.

Once you have connected, choose the pool you want to stake in. You can choose from 90 Days, 180 Days, and 365 Days.

Input the amount of FUFU tokens you wish to stake. You can click ‘Max’ to stake your entire balance in your wallet.

When you input the amounts, you can see in the ‘Staking Summary’ the claim date and estimated rewards at maturity.

You can unstake anytime before the pool ends, however there is a 70% loss of interest that you have earned. Also there is a 5 day delay until your FUFU tokens are returned to you.

When you click ‘Stake’ button you will get prompted 2 times in MetaMask.

The first grant permission

Then confirm the transaction.

Then you have successfully staked. You can see your staked information in the ‘Locked’ Tab

Here you can see your staking details such as staked amount (locked amount), duration, interest, rewards accumulated, days left to end of staking period and end date.

When the period ends, your rewards will be claimed when you unstake the balance you have staked.


You can unstake during or after the period by clicking ‘Unstake’

You can only unstake the entire balance, there are no portion unstake.

Click ‘unstake’ to confirm the unstake and you will be prompted to approve the transaction on your MetaMask.

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