Our quiz creators are at the center of our ecosystem, driving our growth. It is their diligent content creation that brings users, communities and brands together.
The Leaderboards is the ranking based on how many people have played the quizzes that a user has created. The more people who play the quizzes you create, the higher you rank on the leaderboards. By ranking on the leaderboards, you will gain Governance Points.
Governance points are used to submit governance proposals when our voting system is launched in the coming months. As quiz creators are the key to the ecosystem, it is only right to give them the power to submit proposals that will help the FUFU ecosystem grow

Monthly & Quarterly

We have monthly and quarterly rankings. The default is the current month/quarter, but you can click the drop down menu to see previous periods.

By Category

"All" shows rankings based on all quizzes, but there are also rankings for each category as well.

How Are The Points Calculated?

Firstly, the quiz points that determine the leaderboards rankings are calculated as below.
Basically the more quizzes you create, and the more people who play your quizzes, you climb up the ranking.
As we add new quiz types, we will update the point system accordingly.

Governance Points

As mentioned earlier, your monthly and quarterly rankings will help you earn governance points used to submit governance proposals. We will disclose the point system for that when we announce the governance system in the near future so stay tuned!