Pre-Staking (Legacy)

Pre-Staking Program ended March 4th as Main Staking was launched. Accumulated rewards are claimable on Main Staking portal.

At a Glance

  • Program begins: September 30th, 16:00 UTC

  • Program ends: Launch of Main Staking - March 4th 2022 3:00 UTC

  • Estimated staking APY: 100%

  • Staking mode: Simple staking (stake FUFU, earn FUFU)

Pre-Staking Details

  • Staking rewards will be counted per block and accumulate according to your proportion of staked FUFU tokens over the whole staking pool.

  • Unstaking is available anytime, and there are no penalties for that. However, reward accumulation will stop when you fully unstake from the platform.

  • Earned rewards are subject to 6 month linear vesting AFTER the program ends. Therefore stakers will receive around 4% of vested reward FUFU tokens every week starting from the end of the program.

  • While the rewards are locked and undergo vesting, they will be available for you to be used in the main staking program. We will release more details as we launch the main staking program.

Useful Links and Info

FUFU token address


Pre-staking platform:

Staking Platform Guide

Before you start

  • You must have a MetaMask wallet installed to your browser. We recommend Chrome/Brave.

  • Please connect your Metamask wallet to BSC Mainnet, where the staking platform is currently built on.

  • Please use a Desktop/Laptop for now while we are still working on full mobile support.

Pre-staking guide

  • When you land on, first connect your Metamask wallet to the platform by clicking the β€œConnect Wallet” button located at the bottom of the page.

  • You will see staking statistics such as current APY and estimated rewards to all stakers per block. You can also see your current staked and available FUFU token balance. Click β€œStake” button to proceed to staking.

  • You can enter the amount you wish to stake, clicking β€œMax” will stake all of your available balance.

  • Sign and confirm the staking contract interaction transaction on Metamask. Then you will be able to see your tokens staked successfully into the pool and rewards will start to accumulate.

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