LP Token Staking

Following the FUFU Liquidity Mining Program, we are always striving to share the value our FUFU hodlers are creating.

We have created a new $FUFU/$BUSD pool on Impossible Finance.

Impossible Finance Liquidity Pool Link https://swap.impossible.finance/liquidity/add/0x509a51394CC4D6bb474FeFB2994b8975A55A6e79/0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56 IF-LP Token SC: 0xdbeee82A68118FC8E884D46255Cd769aD6F18dDb

On top of earning 0.17% of all trades on the pair proportional to your share of the pool on Impossible Finance, we are offering FUFU rewards to stake the LP token you receive for providing liquidity.

IF-LP Token Staking Pool Details

  • Pool Duration: 6 months

  • Reward Pool Size: 5,000,000 FUFU

  • Reward Claim Start: Claimable AFTER the Pool ends

  • Vesting Schedule: 6 month linear vesting

What do I need to get started?

Step 1: Provide liquidity on Impossible Finance

Connect your wallet via MetaMask on Impossible Finance.

Enter the amount you want to add OR click the 'Max' button.

Then press 'Supply' button.

Click the 'Confirm Supply' on the confirmation pop up.

Press 'Confirm' in your MetaMask validation.

Once the transaction is completed you can check it on BscScan. Don't forget to add the IF-LP token to your wallet, this is what you will be staking.

Congratulations! you have now added liquidity to the Pancakeswap pool!

Staking your LP tokens

FUFU LP Token Staking Program: https://uwufufu.com/LP-Staking

Go to the FUFU LP Token Staking program and connect your MetaMask

Once you have provided liquidity to Impossible Finance, you must now complete a second important step to receive your FUFU reward — Staking your Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens. To do this:

Input the amount of LP Tokens you wish to stake.

Click the ‘Stake’ button.

Once you approve the transaction, it will be added to the blockchain and now you are ready to earn amazing rewards!

You can unstake anytime by inputting the amount you wish to unstake and clicking the 'Unstake' button.

Claiming your rewards

You can see you are eligible to claim some FUFU as rewards for staking our LP tokens. Rewards are only claimable AFTER the program ends. Accumulated rewards will be subject to 6 month linear vesting. Whenever there are FUFU rewards claimable, the button will change to a clickable orange button, you can press ‘Claim’ button. Once more MetaMask will pop up to ask you to confirm the transaction. Once the transaction is completed you will have the rewarded tokens in your wallet immediately.

Removing Liquidity

Please note: before removing liquidity, you will need to have more than 0 LP tokens available (unstaked).

Once you believe you are done with staking and you want to get your tokens back from the liquidity pool, you can click “Remove Liquidity” from Impossible Finance

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