Liquidity Mining (Legacy)

The FUFU Liquidity Mining Program enables FUFU token holders to provide liquidity through PancakeSwap through our custom interface. They have a choice of two pools, FUFU/BNB or FUFU/BUSD pools, in return for an LP token that, when staked, it will provide FUFU tokens as rewards. The rewards are claimable via the Liquidity Mining interface.

What do I need to get started?

  1. Make sure you have MetaMask installed. If you do not have MetaMask yet, follow this tutorial.

  2. Please make sure you have sufficient FUFU and BNB or BUSD to provide liquidity. Don’t have FUFU? You can buy FUFU on Pancakeswap now.

Step 1: Connect your wallet

When you arrive at the FUFU Liquidity Mining Portal at, connect your wallet via MetaMask.

Once you select the wallet you want to connect with, you are now ready to add liquidity to Pancakeswap.

Select the pool you want to add liquidity (BNB or BUSD), then click the “Add Liquidity” button.

Enter the amount you want to add OR click the ‘Max’ button.

After you have confirmed the amount, click the “Approve’ button.

A confirmation pop up will appear. Once you press “Confirm”, MetaMask will pop up again asking for you to validate the transaction:

Then repeat the same process above but now add FUFU token.

When MetaMask confirms your transaction, you will now have access to the ‘Supply’ button once you have approved the Liquidity Mining contract to access your BNB and FUFU. You must provide equal amounts of liquidity to both sides of the pair measured in USD value.

Confirmation pop-up after clicking ‘Supply;

After that you need to confirm again on your MetaMask.

Once the confirmation has been approved, you will see a ‘Transaction Submitted’ pop-up.

Congratulations! you have now added liquidity to the Pancakeswap pool!

Staking your LP tokens

Once you have provided liquidity to Pancakeswap, you must now complete a second important step to receive your FUFU reward — Staking your Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens. To do this:

Select the ‘Stake’ option.

Select the number of LP tokens you want to stake or press ‘Max’ (recommended) to stake all. You will see a MetaMask confirmation Pop-up to approve the transaction.

Once you approve the transaction, it will be added to the blockchain and returned to the overview screen.

You are now ready to earn amazing rewards on the FUFU Liquidity Mining Program.

From the overview screen, you can at any time:

  • Claim rewards

  • Withdraw your LP tokens

  • Observe your APY

  • Add additional liquidity

If you don’t see your stake at work when you connect to the platform, just reconnect MetaMask to the platform again. Make sure it’s the same wallet you have used before and make sure in MetaMask you have selected ‘Binance Smart Chain Mainnet’ and not a test network or Ethereum.

Claiming your rewards

You can see you are eligible to claim some FUFU as rewards for staking our LP tokens. You can press ‘Claim’ button. Once more MetaMask will pop up to ask you to confirm the transaction. Once the transaction is completed you will have the rewarded tokens in your wallet immediately.

Removing Liquidity

Please note: before removing liquidity, you will need to have more than 0 LP tokens available (unstaked). If you have 0 unstaked LP tokens, you will first need to withdraw your staked LP tokens using the ‘Withdraw’ button. This is because you cannot remove liquidity which you are currently staking; you will need to stop staking them (withdraw) first.

Once you believe you are done with staking and you want to get your tokens back from the liquidity pool, you can click “Remove Liquidity”

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