MBTI quiz type was successfully launched and we are already seeing some awesome quizzes created.

Here we will take a deeper dive into why these quizzes have taken the world by storm and how to create and play them.

What and Why MBTI?

Firstly, what in the world is MBTI? MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, is an introspective, self report evaluation that identifies a person’s personality type and psychological preferences.

It is basically a personality test, but it’s a much more deeper and it assigns individuals into one of each four categories based on how they perceive the world and make decisions.

It was developed after years of research by professionals. The four categories are;

Introverts or Extroverts Sensors or Intuitives Thinkers or Feelers Judgers or Perceivers

After assessment, each person is assigned one type of each 4 categories. This results in a total of 16 different personality types.

This personality type has become hugely popular, especially in Asia where it replaced the ‘blood type’ personality tests. It has spurred spin offs of amazing new content and quizzes that are both fun and educational.

K-Pop artists have led the charge embracing it as fans want to know more about their favorite artists in a personal level.

BTS among many other artists have done MBTI based content so their fans have a better understanding of why and what they do.

It’s extremely fun and social

The best part of MBTI is that it is fun and very social. People are already creating quizzes and sharing with their friends seeing what type of personality they get. But before, it was extremely difficult to make your own quiz, especially if you aren’t a coder.

So UwUFUFU has made it so that anyone can quickly make an amazing MBTI quiz without any coding knowledge by simply just dragging and dropping.

How to make an MBTI quiz on UwUFUFU

It’s really easy and fun making a MBTI quiz. First click the CREATE QUIZ button and you will need to select the quiz type you will be making.

After selecting MBTI, there are 5 sections you will need to complete.


Firstly, the cover or start page of the quiz.

Input the Title, description and if you want, a cover image. We highly recommend you add a cover image as quizzes with cover images are played 240% more than quizzes without.

You can also edit the text in the start button. All changes are shown in real time on the preview on the right.


Next, we add questions. Pick if you want it just a text only question or image/video questions.

Text only questions as you can see in the preview on the right, just shows the text. The top grey box is where a logo will go if you decide to add a logo later in the ‘Style’ section.

For Image questions you can upload a image by selecting the image icon.

If you want to add a video, click the video icon and input the youtube URL. You will see a preview in the box above. You can also set the start time and end time of the video in seconds.

After that, there are currently 12 question templates that are preloaded. You can simply use the templates but we suggest you add it your own flavor and add your own questions

Next to each question you will see a letter. That is the MBTI it pertains to. You can simply edit this by clicking on it and selecting the corresponding letter it pertains to if the person selects this answer.

You can also drag and drop the answer by clicking and holding down on the 8 dots on the left. You can delete the answer by clicking X. If you want to add more answers for the question, click the + sign.

At the top of the question you see the 8 dots on the left. This is so that you can drag and drop it incase you want to change the order of the question.

The dice icon randomizes the template, so if you want a new template click the dice icon.

Finally the trash can icon is to delete the question.

You can add as many questions and answers you want but we suggest 10–20 question range seems ideal.


In this section, you add the possible results from users answering the questions.

Firstly some options.

Show result image preview means when the user shares the quiz after they play the quiz, their result image will be the thumbnail of the link when they share it.

Every quiz has the UwUFUFU watermark at the bottom. However for greater customization you can remove this watermark.

You can select which social media channels the quiz can be shared on. You can also customize the twitter hashtags when sharing on twitter.

There are 16 possible results each showing the 16 different personalities in the MBTI.

The palette icon on the top lets you customize the color scheme of the result box.

You can simply add an image that represents the result by clicking the red area. All text is customizable and there is a mini-editor to add effects.

You can choose to show the best and worst match. It is preset to the actual best and worst match for each personality but you can customize this if you want.


Here you can customize the look and feel of your quiz. This is actually the greatest part of creating a quiz on UwUFUFU.

You can include a logo image if you wish.

You can also customize the shape of the buttons.

You can choose from our preset color schemes and also choose if you want night mode or day mode.

Or if you don’t see anything you like, you can customize the color scheme yourself, or even better, add a background image.

You can even customize the animation of the buttons when they appear.

Finally you can also select the type of font you want to use.


Now the final step before launching your quiz.

Select the language of the quiz, this helps it become more discoverable.

The publishing status lets you decide if you want this to be a private quiz, or open for everyone to play.

Customized link also makes it that much more easy to remember.

Please select maximum of 1 category. And you must flag if its NSFW.

If you want to show the world who created the quiz, disclose the creator.

Finally, you can add Call to Action buttons and your instagram URL if you want to use these quizzes as a marketing campaign that many companies are doing so with success.

And now you are ready to publish and share this amazing quiz with the world.

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