FUFU is on the Binance Smart Chain but we are exploring possibly multi-chain support in the future.

What is the difference?

Each blockchain network will have its own unique properties, standards, tokens, and liquidity. Ethereum is the most popular network but with its growth, it has caused gas fees to be very high and processing has slowed.

Gas Fees

Every transaction on the blockchain will require a certain amount of gas fee to be paid by the user. This gas fee is used to pay the miners that are securing the blockchain. The gas fee is denoted in the native token of that network. The amount of fee depends on several variables and factors and is different for each network.

For example on Ethereum, to submit a transaction, the user will have to pay a fee with ETH token (ERC20). On Binance Smart Chain, they will have to pay with BNB token (BEP20).

You can get tokens from a crypto exchange like FTX or Binance, but make sure the token is on the correct network.

Tokens from one network may not easily transfer to another, and certain wallets may only support a limited number of networks. For example, BNB on the Ethereum network is not the same as BNB on Binance Smart Chain or Polygon network. Users will have to 'bridge' or convert the BNB from one network to another. Be sure to do your own research into your wallet choices.

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