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FUFU is a digital advertising creation and distribution ecosystem for Web 3.0. We believe our user-created interactive content marketing in the form of quizzes and NFTs are a better-suited complimentary option to deploying digital advertising campaigns at scale together with existing options such as Facebook ads and Google Adsense banner ads.

Companies and brands who want to deploy traditional-purpose marketing campaigns can do it in the form of our interactive quizzes. Crypto projects, mainly gaming and NFT projects who want to improve adoption, use and sale of their NFTs or tokens can also do it through our reward system and creator network.

We have already have seen tens of thousands of quizzes created with over 5 million quiz plays. We have partnered with leading crypto VCs, KOLs and NFT players in the space. We are confident that we have what it takes to become one of the best crypto powered digital marketing platforms. Here's why:

Proven Track Record of Success

We have an amazing professional team from a diverse background of experience, which combined, arms us with the knowledge, network and experience to disrupt the status quo and become one of its dominant players.

  • All-Star Team: We come from leading Wall Street firms, global gaming companies, and tech startups - Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UBS, Riot Games, NCSoft, Smilegate, WeMakePrice to name a few. We have worked on projects in the past with global gaming companies and brands.

  • Strong Investors & Advisors: FUFU is backed by world class investors in the crypto industry. GBV, Faculty Group, Blackedge Capital, 4SV, ZBS Capital, Everse Capital, x21, Morningstar Ventures are all behind us.

  • Growing Network: FUFU is building out a strong partnership network, both within the crypto industry and other industries. Enjin, Box Mining, Minted Labs, Alphanonce, Panony, Aikon, BSC Station, NFTPad, Impossible Finance to name a few.

Revenue Model

SAAS-like subscription model for quiz creation, Advertising fees, NFT & token distribution and marketing fees.

Token Utility

  • Token Burn/Revenue Share: Portion of all fees generated on UwUFUFU will be used for a FUFU repurchase. Any FUFU bought this way will be burned. Further details to be announced when the program starts.

  • Staking for benefits: Discount on paid services, boost to reward system and other benefits on top of earning rewards by staking FUFU and its LP token.

  • NFT Minting: Portion of FUFU paid to mint NFTs will be locked in as the underlying asset of the NFT.

  • Governance: Voting rights on governance proposals.

  • NFT and token distribution: Projects and communities that want to distribute their NFTs and tokens can do so with UwUFUFU.

  • Future Expansion: FUFU is the backbone of the FUFU ecosystem. We will continuously seek to add further utility as we add new products and services.

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