Level System

The Level System is phase 1 of the Reward System.
It allows us to determine how to allocate the rewards via loot balls. It does so by rewarding users experience points (XP) for various actions that they are already doing such as creating quizzes, playing quizzes and other actions.
These loot balls may contain more XP, tokens, NFTs, and lots of other great things when the reward system is fully launched.

Where to see my level?

You can see your level in the collections page, and we will be adding it to the My Page and other places so you can easily check it out.

So how do I get XP and how many?

One Time Points

Register via email — 500XP Connect Wallet first time — 5,000XP Upload Profile Picture — 5,000XP

Playing Quizzes

*Each round increases as a multiplier, so +100XP of the multiplier. ie) Round of 52 = 800XP (Round of 256) + 100XP = 900XP
Round of 2048 (3 multiplier higher than Round of 256) = 800XP (Round of 256) + 300XP = 1,100XP

Creating Quizzes

*After initial quiz creation, adding questions via edit to expand the quiz will not lead to additional points.
As we add new quiz types, we will be adding more ways to earn XP.

Bigger rewards for Quiz Creators

As you can see, you can earn a lot more XP by creating quizzes, and especially if a lot of people play your quiz, you earn a whole lot more.
Currently our top quiz creators are racking in XP by the minute, so create a quiz and spread the word to earn more!

Level Up

As you accumulate XP, each time you reach a milestone amount, you ‘level up’.
After Level 22, you level up after additional +500,000XP.

Loot Balls

Every time you level up is when you receive a Loot Ball which is our reward system delivery mechanism. Loot Balls will be launched in the coming months, as it is the final part of the reward system so stay tuned!